Our life-saving rescues don’t “just happen”.  They happen thanks to and only with your support!

Tanzania Sea Rescue does not charge for its rescues or educational programs, and our costs are met purely from voluntary sponsorships and donations.  Our training and rescue efforts do, of course, carry real costs, and our crews are only able to effect rescues where they are sufficiently trained and equipped to do so.  Your financial support helps us expand our accident prevention programs, and increase the range and circumstances within which our crews can safely effect maritime rescues.

We are 100% volunteer-led, and all donations directly fund our rescue and expansion efforts.

Make a private donation

Love the water?  Help us make sure that when you need help, we’re able to jump!  Like volunteer sea-rescue organisations all around the world, Tanzania Sea Rescue relies on private donations of those who share our love for the sea so that we may continue and expand our service.  Please email us for more information about how you can become a TSR Lifesaver and help fund the costs of our rescue and prevention work with a donation.

Become a TSR corporate sponsor

Want to show that your company is serious about investing in the safety of Tanzania?  Your company’s sponsorship of Tanzania Sea Rescue sends a strong message to your employees, customers, and the public at large that you are serious about supporting safer waters in Tanzania.  We’re hugely proud to be associated with our corporate sponsors, and we are proud to showcase their generous support.

Email us for more information on how we can work together to make our waterways safer.

Spread the good word!

Our lifeboat volunteers are ready to drop what they are doing and rush to effect a rescue — but we’d rather not have to!  Help us spread our message about sea safety, and encourage others to learn to watch after themselves and others while using our waterways.  Share our message of “Dakika Mbili” (“two minutes”): because, while our crews aim to leave their homes or workplace and report to our lifeboat station within fifteen minutes, and be underway within less than fifteen minutes more — two minutes under the waves and we’ll be there too late.  Make sure you know how to stay floatingbe visible, and call for help.