Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions can be found below.  If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, click here to drop us an email.

1. What is Tanzania Sea Rescue?

Tanzania Sea Rescue (TSR) is the volunteer-led lifeboat organisation saving lives at sea in Tanzania waters.  Our trained volunteers will drop whatever they are doing – work, family, sleep – to report as as quickly as possible to our base-station, launch our lifeboat, and come to the aid of those in need.

Our lifeboat service began operating in October 2016. TSR’s coverage area is a function of where we can operate safely, with consideration given to prevailing conditions relative to (a.) the skill and experience levels of attending crewmembers, and (b.) available equipment (including boat, safety equipment and available communications channels).  Our Area of Operations is therefore be limited in the initial stages: daytime only within Msasani Bay and adjacent protected areas, and otherwise as per the limits of our boat and attending crewWith experience – and with continued investment in our equipment and in the training of our crews – we will be gradually expanding this Area of Operations to include day-and-night coverage for all of Dar es Salaam’s surrounding waters.

Envisaged future activities include supporting maritime communities to strengthen their own accident-prevention measures. TSR’s long-term vision is to create a network of lifeboat stations to expand coverage across Tanzania’s sea and inshore waterways.

2. Will TSR charge me for its rescue?

No!  We are not a business, and TSR’s rescues are conducted on a purely charitable basis.  Our rescues — as our training, maintenance, and other activities — do, of course, carry a significant cost!  This cost is met by the generous voluntary contributions of organisations, sponsor businesses, and individuals. TSR’s founding sponsors include The Slipway, Slipway Hotel, VELMA Law, Nile Fishnet Motors, SafeWater Foundation, SWISS, Alliance Insurance, Association for Rescue at Sea and Alistair Group.

Please note that TSR’s mandate is strictly to save lives, and does not include saving property:  It is to our lifeboat skipper’s sole judgement as to whether the best and safest way to save lives is to tow your vessel to the nearest safe location, or to transfer you and other crewmembers on board the lifeboat.

3. How do I reach TSR to request a rescue?

To request a rescue, you should call the national Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC), a division of SUMATRA.  The MRCC can be reached at the following numbers:

Phone:                   02 22 129325

VHF:                         Channel 16

The MRCC will alert the most appropriate asset to come to your assistance.  Tanzania Sea Rescue aims to be available to respond whenever a life is at risk within our coverage area.  Following notice to launch, our volunteer crew members will rush from their nearby homes or places of work to effect the rescue.

You can also reach Tanzania Sea Rescue directly at:  0782 68 30 57

4. How can I support TSR?

Volunteer!  TSR is volunteer run and led:  this includes the ‘front-line’ work of lifeboat crewmembers, but also the equally important background support of rescue coordinators, trainers, fundraisers, administrators, accountants, and more.  Being a TSR lifeboat crewmember volunteer requires a special commitment, but is an exciting way to develop valuable skills while supporting the safety of our maritime community.  Our focus is developing the skillset of committed Tanzanian nationals.  Priority is to TSR’s most active volunteers when training space is limited.  If you are a qualified instructor in relevant skills areas, you can also volunteer to share these skills with our team.  Please visit our “Join Our Team” page for more details on how to volunteer with TSR.

Donate! Individuals, businesses and organisations can support our activities through financial contributions that will directly fund our fuel, equipment purchase, and other critical cost – and by doing so, help us expand our Area of Operations.  TSR will also gratefully accept donations of mission-critical equipment or services.  Please visit our “Support TSR” page for more details on how to support our lifesaving efforts as a donor or sponsor.