In case of EMERGENCY, contact the MRCC at the following numbers:

       Phone:     02 22-129325

       VHF:          Channel 16

The MRCC will alert the nearest and most appropriate asset to assist:  This may be a TSR lifeboat, but could also be another vessel already operating in the immediate area and so able to be on-scene sooner.

You can also reach TSR directly at:  0782 68 30 57

For Prospective Volunteers, TSR hosts Open Training Sessions around once a month at its Msasani Base Station: Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer is welcome to join these sessions.  Open Training Sessions are a chance to learn more about out lifeboat and education work, and  to speak with active volunteers.  Please email us to be added to our invite list; a notice will be circulated the about week before the next session.

For non-emergencies, you can emails us at: